Little Baby Spiders Dropping Down From Ceiling Light; Looks Like Mission Impossible 3.

Update: When I originally wrote this post, I thought the spiders were coming from the ceiling. It turns out they were coming from the small holes in my bedroom floor for the cable cord and Ethernet cord. Tape these holes up!

I was sitting in my room hanging out playing some NCAA Football 2012. I look up, and there are about 7 baby spiders dropping down from the ceiling light like it was some sort of swat mission from Mission Impossible 3.

This was yesterday;

I spent about an hour working on removing the spiders from my room using a cup to catch them, and a plate to cover the cup. There were so many spiders in my room last night that I actually had to go out and sleep in the living room.

Completely ridiculous, right?

Today seemed like a good day though. It seemed like I had gotten rid of all of the spiders. Lo and behold, I look up to see more Mission Impossible 3 spiders dropping down from the ceiling.

Son of a b*tch…

Just before writing this post, I spent about 1 hour removing 15 to 20 baby spiders from my room once again. Sounds like a fun night, right?

So I got to thinking: The spiders are coming from a hole somewhere withing the light fixture. I know that what I am about to do is considered “redneck” by many, but at this point, I could careless.

I got some tape, and taped up all of the holes coming from my ceiling light. (As shown in the picture at the beginning of this post.) 

So it’s been about 15 to 20 minutes since I have taped up all of the holes, and so far, I haven’t seen any new spiders.


I know that I didn’t kill the spiders, and obviously this is a temporary solution, but it will prevent spiders from crawling up there and hatching eggs again.

By the way, folks, I am a CLEAN individual. These little guys seem harmless, but who wants 30 spiders dropping from their ceiling?


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October 1, 2011
vinyl cupola said:

While cleaning our garage we found some little baby mice. They have their hair and their eyes are still closed. We dont know where the momma is as we found them on the bottom of a box. We dont want to see these little guys die, we would like to care for them until we can set them loose in the woods or something. Any real suggestions (no sick answers are necessary) are very appreciated!

October 1, 2011
Taylor Thompson said:

I have no idea what you could do. I would do some research on Google. You could search: How to release mice, or something of the sort. I bet releasing them into a field would be your best option, right? Mice live in fields, yeah? You could still do some research though. :)

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