Day 2: Screw You First. Thank You Later.

What the hell did you do?

You subscribed.

You’re now making me obligated to build 20 pounds of muscle in 91 days…

Screw you!!!

On the other hand,

Thank you.

You subscribed.

Now I am going to build 20 pounds of muscle in 91 days…

Being Obligated is Important

Every time I managed to put on muscle in the past, I quit. I got to 172 pounds, and gave up.


Because I was doing it for myself, and had nothing to lose.

Because you are following me, I now feel obligated. I said that I am going to build 20 pounds of muscle in 91 days, and now you guys are watching my every move.

I have something to prove.

If I don’t accomplish this goal, I have not only failed myself, but I have also failed you.

And it’s a lot easier to fail yourself… Trust me.

If you’re going to take the 91 day challenge, you need to feel obligated.

There needs to be a reason to keep going.

99.99% of the time, people want to get in shape or build muscle because they want a nice body.

99.99% of the time, these people fail.

Simply wanting a nicer body isn’t enough, because 9/10 people in this world don’t have enough self-discipline to accomplish what they would like to accomplish without the support, or pressure from others.

Why do you think UFC fighters thank their trainers, fans, etc., after their fights?

Because they really couldn’t have gotten where they are without YOU!

So screw you first.
Thank you later.