About Me

A long while back, I used to be known as the skinny kid. Have you been called, “Twig,” “Stix,” or “Bones?” Yeah… Not so much fun, right?

To make matters worse, you turn on your TV to see shows like MTV’s Spring Break, only to notice that the muscular guys are having all of the fun.

Meanwhile, you’re sitting on your ass wishing that you had that nice of a body.

Sitting in a theater full of girls when Twilight Hunk, Taylor Lautner takes his shirt off probably doesn’t help your self-esteem too much either.

I’ll straight up say it:

The buff guys are getting all of the chicks!

Am I right?

Maybe that’s how you feel right now…

You feel like if you could just have that amazing body, your life would completely change.

Here’s a fact:

Buff dude’s don’t get chicks because they’re buff…

Buff dude’s get chicks because they are confident.

You need confidence to succeed with women, friends, jobs, and everything else that comes your way.

If you’re physically fit, you will get the confidence that you need to succeed, PERIOD.

Look, I am just your average dude, just like YOU.

People would tell me, “It’s your genetics. You’re skinny, and that’s just how it’s going to be.”

Do NOT let these lies bring YOU down.


With my strategies, YOU can build 15 to 20 pounds of muscle in just 91 days, no matter what anyone has said, and no matter what your level of bodybuilding experience is.

Are you ready?