Benzoyl Peroxide Combined with Tea Tree Oil for Acne

A few weeks back, I read a study which stated that tea tree oil is just as effective for acne as benzoyl peroxide.

Although I am 99.9% clear, I do get the occasional pimple, along with some of the side effects that come along with using benzoyl peroxide; I especially get benzoyl peroxide side effects during the winter months.

Tea Tree Oil Only, Results:

Because of the original study, I decided to go ahead and stop using benzoyl peroxide, and instead, use tea tree oil. At first, I thought that the tea tree oil was keeping my acne under control, but as it turns out, after a few days, I did begin breaking out for the first time in a long time.

It should be known that when I was using tea tree oil only, I was not using the cleanser or moisturizer. Because I didn’t continue to cleanse and moisturize, my experiment with tea tree oil for acne was inconclusive. That is, the effectiveness of tea tree oil compared to benzoyl peroxide was inconclusive because the study was uncontrolled. Still, I was determined to see if tea tree oil could make a difference.

Benzoyl Peroxide Combined with Tea Tree Oil, Results:

I decided to go ahead and combine tea tree oil with benzoyl peroxide to treat my acne. As it turns out, the tea tree oil combined with the benzoyl peroxide seemed to increase the effectiveness of the topical acne treatment.

How to Use.

1. Get Proactiv or topical acne treatment.

2. Follow the Proactiv or instructions.

3. For, apply tea tree oil to your face using a q-tip after the second step.

4. For Proactiv, apply tea tree oil to your face using a q-tip after the third step.

5. After applying the tea tree oil, apply a moisturizer.

Side Effects.

  • Burning occurs during application.
  • Dryness can occur if you overuse, or don’t moisturize.
  • Redness can occur if you overuse, or don’t moisturize.
  • Flakiness can also occur if you overuse, or don’t moisturize.


  • It may be a good idea to dilute the tea tree oil in water. You can do this by dipping a q-tip into the tea tree oil, and then putting it under running water for a quick second.
  • Only wash your face twice a day. Using Proactiv or anymore than 2 times a day can actually irritate your skin and cause more acne.
  • Always moisturize after every use of Proactiv or Benzoyl peroxide and tea tree oil can be extremely drying, so you’re going to need to moisturize, even when your skin doesn’t seem dried out.

To sum it all up…

  • Tea tree oil by itself did not cure my acne.
  • Benzoyl peroxide combined with tea tree oil seemed to give me better results than just benzoyl peroxide by itself. This is likely because tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic.
  • Be sure to read the instructions and tips above. Using tea tree oil and benzoyl peroxide incorrectly can actually worsen your acne.