Poll: How Much Does Shoemoney Pay for Hot Girls To Wear His T-Shirts?

A lot of you fitness dude’s may not know who Shoemoney is. This is Shoemoney. He is best known for making a $132,994.97 online.

A unique feature to Shoemoney’s website is his photo gallery. Shoemoney’s gallery features all of his fans. Some of the photos in his gallery include extremely beautiful women modeling his website logo on their t-shirts.

I ain’t trying to hate on Shoemoney at all, but how much does he pay for girls like this to model his t-shirts?

Unless, of course,

  1. You mean to tell me that these girls find Shoemoney…
  2. Buy his t-shirts…
  3. And then take pictures to submit to his site…
  4. Seriously?

Shoemoney is awesome, man.

He’s one of those Bloggers who really doesn’t care what people think. If Shoemoney read this post, he would probably tell me, “Hey man, f*ck you.” His honesty is something that I have always admired about him.

But seriously, you mean to tell me that girls like these bought Shoemoney’s t-shirts, took off their pants, took a picture of their booties, and sent them in to Shoemoney’s website for the fun of it? Completely free of charge?

If that’s the case, damn, Shoemoney, you gotta give us Bloggers some tips on how you managed to do that. If not, how much did you pay these girls to model your clothes, bro?

I bet the bounce rate for that section of his site is low. 

Shoemoney, I am not trying to hate. I’ve been reading your site since 2008, but I just had to ask. How are you pulling it off, man?

By the way, I do think he is getting these pictures for free, and that’s what I marked on the Poll question. I am interested to see what you have to think. Be sure to take the poll and leave your comments below.