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Losing Muscle Soreness: Exclusive Insight to Muscle Weakness During Muscle Loss

If you’re viewing this page, you haven’t worked out in awhile, and you’re not following your usual muscle building diet plan, you’re probably experiencing muscle soreness and weakness due to muscle loss. I know it sounds crazy, but last week I was sick, and the week after that, I wasn’t able to get back on […]

30 Pounds of Muscle In 30 Days?

If it were possible to build 30 pounds of muscle in 30 days, I would be able to eat Brock Lesnar. For my current blog readers, you’re probably wondering why I would cover such a topic, when it’s obvious that building 30 pounds of muscle in 30 days just isn’t possible. As it turns out, […]

Can I Build Muscle Without Taking Supplements

Using this free guide which you can download now, I managed to build 33 pounds of lean muscle mass while only taking a $15.00 (cheap) whey protein powder. What’s my point? You don’t need supplements to get buff!  How do I know this? Buff guys in jail don’t take supplements, and they’re still muscular. There were […]

Build Muscle While Recovering: 5 Points You Must Follow!

If you don’t follow the 5 points listed below to recover properly, you will not build muscle. Muscle building takes place during the recovery process; Not while lifting weights in the gym. You Don’t Build Muscle In The Gym One common misconception is that you build muscle while working out. In actuality, you’re doing the […]

How Often Should I Do Cardio If I Am Trying To Build Muscle?

If you’re trying to build muscle, but are having a difficult time gaining any weight at all, then you may be doing too much cardio. Performing too much cardio will actually disallow your body to store calories and grow. Muscle Building is All Math. Like anything else in life, muscle building involves a little bit […]