Don’t Overwork Sore Muscles: Suggestions and Workout Plans

It’s been 3 days since you last hit your chest, and you have allowed for plenty of time to recover, yet your chest is still sore.

You’re supposed to hit your chest again today, but because your chest is still sore from the previous workout, should you?

A few years back, and even today, I am the type of guy that loves staying on a schedule. If I say I am going to do something today, then I am going to do it today. I don’t like skipping workouts, because ultimately, that leads to failing. And nobody likes failing.

In this case though, is it actually better to reschedule the day’s workout?

Working your chest or any muscle when it is still sore will actually cause you to tear down muscle tissue, which is still torn down from your previous workout.

Ultimately, overworking your muscles will cause you to lose muscle mass.

In a situation where the muscle group you’re supposed to work today is still sore, it would actually be a better idea to reschedule the workout to a day where you will not be sore.

Unless you have just started training, you should never run into this problem.

In the beginning of your training, your soreness from one workout, may actually carryover to the next time you workout that same muscle group.

If you have been training for sometime, and you’re training correctly, muscle soreness should never carryover.

We have all seen those guys in the gym who only workout one part of their body. Their body is usually disproportional, or in some cases, they may not be getting any results at all.

Don’t be any of the 3 bullet points that I list below: Always workout your whole body.

  • Curl monkeys.
  • Bench press gorillas.
  • Squat rack hogs.

If you are still sore from the last time you worked out X muscle group, you need to adjust your schedule to allow enough time for proper recovery. Usually, bodybuilders recommend giving muscles 72 hours to properly recover.

What are some good workout routines and schedules to follow so I do not overwork my muscles?

Zak Bagans Workout Routine is built for those of you who are trying to build muscle and size. The routine works all major upper and lower body muscle groups, and allows for 72 hours between workouts for proper recovery.

Sunday – Off

Monday –  Chest, Biceps, Abs

Tuesday –  Triceps, Back, Shoulders

Wednesday – Legs, Abs

Thursday – Chest, Biceps

Friday – Triceps, Back, Shoulders, Abs, 

Saturday –  Off

Alan Ritchson Workout circuit routine consists of push ups, pull ups, dips, sit ups, and cardio. The circuit allows for 72 hours between workouts for proper recovery.

Sunday – Circuit.

Monday – Off.

Tuesday – Off.

Wednesday – Circuit.

Thursday – Off.

Friday – Off.

Saturday – Circuit.

Sunday – Off.

Monday – Off.

Tuesday. Circuit.

To sum it all up…

  • You should never workout a muscle group if it is still sore from the last time that you worked it out.
  • Instead, you should reschedule your workout to a later date. Give things a day or two, and then see if your muscles are recovered and ready to be worked again.
  • If you’re constantly running into this problem, you should allow up to 72 hours for a each muscle group to recover, before working that muscle group again.
  • Zak Bagans and Alan Ritchson both have great workout routines (links above) that will work you good, without overworking you.