Do Celebrities Read Your Tweets? Frankie Shaw aka @frankieshawisaG Retweeted Mine!

Have you ever been retweeted by one of your favorite celebrities? 12 days ago, I sent a nag tweet to Frankie Shaw, who plays Mary-Jo on Spike TV’s Blue Mountain State.

Pickup 101: A nag is a playful way of flirtatiously putting a girl down, while receiving a positive reaction. Who knew you could do this on Twitter…

I get online today to find that my tweet was actually retweeted by @frankieshawisaG, which is Frankie Shaw’s official Twitter account.

Celebrities do actually read your tweets; Go figure.

I thought this was a pretty cool find, and although the tweet didn’t stick to her profile, she must have accidentally retweeted my tweet, and then deleted it.

I just find it cool that she read my tweet, because Frankie Shaw plays a bad ass role in Blue Mountain State, and she does a damn good job at it.

I wanted to ask you if you have ever been retweeted or mentioned by a celebrity or a favorite icon of yours. Feel free to share your story by commenting below.