Subway Gluten Free Sandwiches Review: Celiac’s Can Eat Subway Again!

After being unofficially diagnosed with gluten intolerance just 6 months ago, I was finally able to eat a Subway sandwich for the first time since. That’s right, folks: Subway is officially testing gluten free sandwiches, and they really are that damn good. I am writing this review for 3 main reasons: I want you to […]

1 Hour “Window of Opportunity” For Post Workout Nutrition Is Incorrect Says Study.

The sooner you eat after you workout, the less sore your muscles will be. There is a small “window of opportunity” after you workout where your muscles are in their prime, ready to receive the nutrients that they need to recover. Bodybuilders and personal trainers have told us that we need to eat within 1 […]

Can You Build Muscle With 3 Meals A Day: Why I Recommend 3 Over 6

Quite frankly, I am sick and tired of choosing between eating 3 and 6 meals a day. I am here to tell you straight up, do whatever is easier and more convenient for you. You can build muscle on both 3 meals and 6 meals a day, and I am going to prove that!  For […]

How to Calculate Calories to Build Muscle: What Method Is Best?

If you’re looking to build muscle, there is a good chance that you have discovered that you’re going to need to consume the correct amount of calories in order to do so. But how do you calculate the calories that you need in order to build muscle? You know that you don’t want to eat […]