Clear Netflix Recently Watched History: The Only Way to Do it.

So you just watched a questionable film and you’re looking to clear your Netflix Recently Watched History.

Netflix, as annoying as they have been lately, only allows you to clear your history by cancelling and reactivating your account.

According to, you must “cancel” and then “resubscribe” to Netflix to clear your history:

  1. Sign into your Netflix account.
  2. Click “Your Account & Help” link in top right corner.
  3. Click “Cancel Membership.”
  4. Check the box that says, “I accept and understand the terms of cancellation and want to cancel my account.”
  5. Click “Complete Cancellation.”
  6. Then, resubscribe again.

You would think that Netflix would have an easier way of clearing recently watched history by now.

But they don’t.

Let’s pretend I am going to be babysitting…

There parents and or the child(ren) do not need to know that I watched American Pie or How High earlier that afternoon.

Make sense?

In other Netflix news…

Netflix has officially pissed you, me, and everyone else off. Most recently, people have been running into this popular error:

“There are 1 movies being watched, which is the limit for your membership. Please stop playing at least one movie and try again later. Visit for assistance.”

Back on November 2nd, I did a blog post titled, “Netflix Sucks: There Are 1 Movies Being Watched Which is the Limit for Your Membership Error!

Since writing that post, I have had 27 votes on my poll, all agreeing with the below quoted statement below:

Here is the poll taken from that page:

“Hey Netflix, STOP hating on your loyal customers. I’m so sick of the bs, and I am this close to cancelling my account.”

Interestingly enough, the poll results are directly reflective of the Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) Stock.

I don’t know much about the stock market, but I am pretty sure that a declining line graph is a bad thing.

My suggestion to Netflix?

Stop sucking.