Cheap Adjustable Dumbbells Are Dangerous!

If you’re looking for adjustable dumbbells, you’ve probably come to realize that they are pretty expensive. You may have decided to look for cheap adjustable dumbbells as an alternative to say Powerblock or Bowlflex.

Warning: Buying a cheap pair of adjustable dumbbells may result in serious injury, and that’s what I am here to show you today.

In the video below, you will see a pair of adjustable dumbbells that I received for Christmas. These dumbbells worked okay for the first few weeks, although the sliding pin to adjust the weight would often stick making the weight amount difficult to adjust.

On multiple occasions, the weight almost hit my toe, or my head. That’s when I decided, enough was enough. It was time to get a solid pair of adjustable dumbbells.

4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Get Cheap Adjustable Dumbbells.

1. You’re going to have to spend even more money. I got a cheap pair of adjustable dumbbells and as a result, I had to go out and get a nice pair of adjustable dumbbells that would actually do the job. Getting nice stuff early on will prevent you from having to re-buy a good version of that same product later.

2. Weight adjustment can be difficult. Bowflex allows you to adjust the weight with a dial. Powerblock allows you to adjust the weight with a pullout pin. These methods work extremely well. Cheap dumbbells will often have a metal pull up and slid pin. This metal pin will often stick, and is usually difficult to slide. On a number of occasions, skin from my finger was torn off while trying to adjust the weight on the dumbbell.

3. Not enough weight on the dumbbell.  Cheap adjustable dumbbells are usually cheap for a reason; Most of them only come with 25 pounds per dumbbell. You’re going to outgrow 25 pounds pretty quickly, if you haven’t already done so. Even if you’re the smallest person on the block, you’re going to need at least 50 pounds per dumbbell to get a good workout.

4. Cheap adjustable dumbbells are dangerous. They may cause you to break your face, or your toe. I was lifting with my “ghetto weights” far to long before I finally forked over the $350.00 for my powerblocks. I know it seems like a lot, but as I say below, the powerblocks are totally worth it.

Why $350 for Adjustable Dumbbells Is Not Expensive.

Although $350.00 for a pair of adjustable dumbbells seems expensive, let me tell you why it is not. First, here is my video review of the Powerblock adjustable dumbbells.

Freddy692000 Said: i seen all there NEW dumbbells review and i can say that its stupid with this money u can go to a gym for at least one year 300$ i go for 2years in the joe weider gym

+19 My Response: Okay. So let’s just say that you were to build a home gym. You buy a bench, squat rack, treadmill, dumbbells, etc… etc…… in the long run, you will SAVE TIME (driving to the gym / waiting for your turn using equipment) AND MONEY (driving to gym / paying for memberships). Not to mention the numerous amounts of other benefits you get working from home. Regardless, this is NOT a waste of money

Pkhamidar2com Said: What is the advantage of this which is 300 dollarsfrom normal 30 dollar weights?

+20 My Response: Tell me where you can get a set of two 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 25lb, 30lb, 35lb, 40lb, 45lb, and 50lb dumbbells for $30.00

Lol You may not have been to the store in awhile, but it’s about $15.00 for one 15lb weight lol.

Furthermore, not a lot of people have space for a huge set of dumbbells and a dumbbell stand, which is another reason the Powerblocks are good.

But seriously. Lol. Where can you get 18 different dumbbells, ranging between 10lbs and 50lbs, in increments of 5lbs, for $30.00?

You should now see that $350.00 as an investment to a great pair of adjustable dumbbells. You should also see that buying an inexpensive pair of adjustable dumbbells has a number of drawbacks, including the fact that they can cause serious injury.

Buy Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbells Online.

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