Perfect Pushup Review

I was one of the first people to review the perfect pushups with my first blog that I built back on January 3rd, 2008. Since then, that blog has been deleted, along with all of the perfect pushup videos that I had made.

I deleted 3 months worth of awesome content and videos all because people would talk shit about how skinny I was. Back then, I was 135 pounds. I am now 166 pounds. What’s my point? Never let people tell you you can’t.

All that remains of my original perfect pushup review is my perfect pushup infomercial video shown below, along with Former Fat Guy’s post about my deceased blog.

Because I no longer had my input on the perfect pushups available for you, I decided to review them once again; But this time, I won’t be taking this page down… Ever!

What Can You Expect In My Review?

  • No Bull Shit. I’m not here to sell you on anything. I am not here to hype up a product just to make a sale. I am not here to spit any BS your way.
  • My Experience. I will tell you what I experienced with the perfect pushups, and I will tell you whether or not I got results by using them.
  • Common Questions Answered. I’m here to answer all of your questions regarding the perfect pushup workout. I have researched the most common perfect pushup questions, and will be providing you with answers to those questions here.

My Perfect Pushup Experience.

When I first got the perfect pushups back in Christmas of 2007, I began using them right away. Following the workout chart, I did each pushup workout religiously.

I was on a mission to become muscular.

The workouts are extremely easy to follow. Performing pushups with the perfect pushup system does take some getting used to, but there really isn’t much of a learning curve. Because of the rotating handles, and because of the depth of each pushup, you will notice a much larger burn with the perfect pushups vs performing regular pushups.

After increasing my repetitions, I noticed that my form began to go south. I was performing the exercises far too quickly, so I decided to decrease my repetitions and pace myself.

Quality over quantity became extremely important.

A few weeks into the program, I developed back pain. I know this pain had something to do with the rotating handles, and the depth that I was lowering my body while performing the exercises.

When you’re using the perfect pushups, be sure to pace yourself while going to a depth at which you’re comfortable at.

After following the program for a 3 months, I decided that I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted to get. Although I was able to do more pushups and although my chest did increase in size, I just wasn’t putting on the weight in muscle that I would have liked to be putting on.

That’s when I saw my first P90X infomercial and decided to purchase the P90X program. Click here to see how P90X took me from 135 pounds to 165 pounds!

My Perfect Pushup Results.

After doing the perfect pushups, I was able to do more pushups, and my chest was increased in size, slightly. I would have grown a lot more, but I was not eating enough food for my body to grow.

Do The Perfect Pushups Work?

One of the most  common questions that I see is, “Does the Perfect Pushup Really Work?” That depends on what your definition of “work” is.

  • Are You Trying To Increase Your Pushup Max? If you would like to be able to do more pushups, then the perfect pushups will definitely increase your max, and your overall ability to perform pushups effectively and efficiently.
  • Are You Trying To Increase Chest Muscle Mass? If you would like to get a bigger and more muscular pectorals, then the perfect pushups combined with proper diet will allow you to do so.
  • Are You Trying To Get Ripped? Sadly, doing a gazillion pushups will NOT allow you to get ripped. You need to do heavy cardio sessions at least 1 hour a day, 3 days a week. Your diet also needs to be in check. Important: Spot fat reduction does not work.
  • Are You Trying To Get Buff? If your overall goal is to get a buff upper body, the perfect pushups will NOT allow you to reach this goal. You need to perform exercises like pull ups, dips, shoulder press, and bicep curls to gain a larger upper body. (Not just in your pectoral region). Also, be sure you calculate your calories correctly to build muscle mass. The perfect pushups won’t allow you to build any size if your diet isn’t in check.

Perfect Pushup Workout Chart.

So many times, I remember people asking me for the perfect pushup workout chart. At the time, I didn’t know if it was illegal to just give the chart away, so I never did.

This time around, I noticed that a website called Iron Company actually posted the workout chart, so if you’re interested in getting an idea of what you can expect to be doing, be sure to check this chart out.

Should You Do The Perfect Pushup Workout?

You Should Get The Perfect Pushups if you are trying to increase pushup max and chest size. The perfect pushup program combined with a solid diet will train your body in a way that will allow you to perform more pushups. You will also develop a larger chest.

You Should Not Get The Perfect Pushups if you’re trying to develop a larger, more ripped build. If this is the case, you will want to follow a complete workout program like P90X. The perfect pushups will not make ripped, and they will not help you build muscle mass over your entire body. Pushups are a great workout, but you need to do more than just pushups to get the body that you desire.

Can You Use The Perfect Pushups With P90X?

If you’re familiar with the P90X program, you know that it involves doing a ton of pushups. You can definitely use the perfect pushups in combination with the P90X program, but still be sure to practice good form.

I don’t recommend using the perfect pushups if it’s your first round of following the P90X program. P90X is difficult enough as it is. Feel free to use the perfect pushups in combination with the P90X program once regular pushups become too easy.

Where To Buy The Perfect Pushups.

Call me an Amazon geek, but they not only have the original perfect pushups, they also have many perfect pushup alternatives for a lower price. To top it off, shopping on Amazon definitely beats shopping around a real store by saving you time, money, and gas.