NCAA Football 12 Custom Audibles Default Back to Original Glitch…

NCAAThis is the best NCAA Football game that EA has ever put out, and unfortunately, it still has some minor glitches that keep it from being the amazing game that it could be. Because of these minor glitches, you are here. You’re so tired of setting up custom playbooks and audibles, just for the in-game […]

NCAA Football 2013 Wishlist: Remove these Glitches and Fix These Issues.

NCAAAs I was writing my NCAA Football 12 Custom Audibles Not Working post, I kind of went off on a tangent. I’ve been meaning to do a post like this for awhile now, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. With that being said, this is our NCAA Football 2013 Wishlist. Trust me; This wishlist […]

NCAA 12 Can’t Spike on Hurry Up? Here’s How to Do It…

NCAAI am going to teach you exactly how to spike the ball in NCAA Football 2012. Maybe I am a moron, but I have played 100+ games of NCAA online, and until today, I didn’t know how to spike the ball. In the old NCAA games, holding ‘X’ or ‘B’ on your Xbox 360 controller […]

NCAA 12 Patches Ruined This Game!

NCAAI don’t know what the hell EA decided to do, but NCAA 12 used to actually be kick ass football game. But now there is no defense… The “cheese” online used to be minimal, and the scores always seemed to be realistic. Now, it seems that almost any scrub can pickup a controller, walk down […]

NCAA Football 12: How To Stop The Rocket Catch

NCAAAh, so you ran into some asshole who had a knack for running the rocket catch to perfection… No matter what you did, you just couldn’t stop him. If you’re new to NCAA 12 or you’re unfamiliar with what rocket catching actually is, please watch the video below. After the video, I will teach you […]

NCAA Football 12 Black Screen Glitch on Xbox Live?

NCAAWhat’s up, NCAA 12ers? I was just playing an online game against CornBread131983 on Xbox Live. At the end, I happened to pull away with a 6 point victory. Just after his last ditch effort to win the game on a hail marry pass, (which failed), my TV screen went black. My band’s theme song […]

The EA Servers Are NOT Available At This Time. Please Try Again Later…

NCAAI am so glad I didn’t buy Madden. Today, I was attempting to get onto Xbox Live to play some NCAA Football 2011 when I received the following error: The EA Servers Are NOT Available At This Time. Please Try Again Later… For Your Entertainment (since EA servers are down) This is fantastic, EA. This […]