You Can’t Build Muscle with P90X: The Debate Continues…

You can’t build muscle with P90X. Is P90X As Effective As The Weight Gain Blueprint Program? Let’s go ahead and look at Jeff’s post. I’ll break it down for you as we go, and then I’ll show you how you can transform P90X into a muscle building program. P90X Myths Debunked. Before I begin, this is […]

Can You Build Muscle Without Modifying P90X?

You’re here because you want to know whether or not you can build muscle with P90X without modifying the program. If you’re a follower of my muscle building journey, and my free muscle building eBook, you will notice that I am a huge fan of modifying P90X to build muscle. Since I have based my […]

P90X: Do I Need to Do Yoga X? Are There Alternatives?

p90xWhen was the last time you felt at peace? When was the last time you felt like you actually had control of your emotions? When was the last time that you actually felt free from your mind? I just completed my 3rd true session of P90X’s Yoga X, and at this very moment, I feel […]

P90X Drop Sets: Maximize Your Gains with P90X and P90X2

I was performing static arm curls, and I decided that it was time to increase the amount of weight I was lifting. But static arm curls are tough. How was I supposed to lift more weight than I was already lifting? Drop sets. I would perform 4 reps of 20 pounds, then lower the weight […]

Can I Do P90X If I Can’t Do Pull Ups?

Before I answer the question above, I just want to say that I am extremely happy today, because 194 people have downloaded my free muscle building eBook. So if you are 1 of the 194, thank you so much for your support. I hope the book has been beneficial to you. To get back to […]

Can You Build Muscle After Age 50? Yes. See Video Below.

I realize my blog generally applies to a younger demographic, but recently I received a message from a man who’s 46th birthday happens to be this November. The message reads, young man – i just started watching ur videos- and man, you are an inspiration- you make want to start working out! i’m about to […]

NFL Football Players Do P90X

P90X is for wimps… P90X is a weight loss program… P90X is for lazy people who don’t want to go to the gym. I am tired of people with ignorance. The P90X program is the real deal, and if you don’t believe me, feel free to checkout the list of NFL players or Ex NFL […]

Does P90X Work for Skinny Guys?

You want to know what really grinds my gears? I am getting so tired of people saying P90X doesn’t work for skinny guys, when it actually does. With P90X and P90X alone, I built 30 pounds of solid muscle mass. I went from a 6-Foot tall 135 pound boy, to a solid 165 pound man, […]

Do I Need Yoga Blocks For P90X?

If you’re new to the P90X program, you have probably come to notice the Yoga X disc on day 4 of the first week of your workouts. There are a ton of questions you may have about Yoga X, but today, I want to answer the following question: “Do I need yoga blocks for P90X?” […]

Download P90X For Free with P90X Torrent?

Important. A lot of you are looking to download the P90X program for free using torrent, Frostwire, Piratebay, or something of the sort. With any “free” version of P90X, you’re going to run into a number of different problems: 1. You won’t get the complete program – One of my buddies tried downloading the P90X […]

Can You Build Muscle With P90X? I Gained 33 Pounds Of Lean Muscle Mass!

p90x2The real question should be, “How can you not build muscle with P90X?” The P90X program is an elite home fitness program designed to get you into the best shape you’ve ever been in. One of the most common misconceptions that I see is that the P90X program is a weight loss program. With P90X, […]

What Equipment Do I Need for P90X?

This page displays all of the necessary equipment that you need to complete the P90X program effectively and efficiently. Important: Purchasing cheap equipment can be dangerous. Purchasing cheap equipment can also cause you to spend more money than you would have spent if you were to just purchase a quality product to begin with. Always […]