What Equipment Do I Need for P90X?

This page displays all of the necessary equipment that you need to complete the P90X program effectively and efficiently.


  • Purchasing cheap equipment can be dangerous.
  • Purchasing cheap equipment can also cause you to spend more money than you would have spent if you were to just purchase a quality product to begin with.
  • Always look for quality products with good ratings and reviews before making your purchase.

#1. Adjustable Dumbbells or Bands

Required? Adjustable dumbbells or bands are required for the P90X program.

Use? Many exercises throughout the P90X program require dumbbells. Dumbbell curls, shoulder press, and lawnmowers are a few examples.

What to Buy? Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbells (as shown in the video above) are the best adjustable dumbbells on the market. Unlike Bowflex Dumbbells, which are bulky and difficult to use for certain exercises, the powerblock dumbbells are small and can be used with all dumbbell exercises.

Alternative? Bands are a good dumbbell alternative that can still provide you with great results. The P90X bands are the best bands that you can get if you’re going to do P90X.

#2. Pull Up Bar.

Required? A good pull up bar is required for the P90X program.

Use? The majority of the back exercises in P90X require that you have some sort of pull up bar.

What to Buy? I recommend getting a doorway pull up bar because they are portable and easy to setup. The P90X Doorway Pull Up Bar is made specifically to follow the routines within the P90X program. You’re going to use it a lot; So you definitely need to purchase a pull up bar.

#3. Yoga Blocks.

Required? Yoga blocks are required if you’re going to do Yoga X. Also see: Do I Need Yoga Blocks for P90X?

Use? Yoga blocks allow you to perform poses that you wouldn’t be able to perform otherwise. They also allow you to perform poses with perfect form.

What to Buy? It doesn’t really matter what yoga blocks you purchase, as long as you’re comfortable with them, and they get the job done.

#4. Yoga / Plyometrics Mat.

Required? For hardwood floors, yes. If you have carpet, a mat will not be required.

Use? A mat allows your feet, hands, and body to grip onto a surface while performing yoga and plyometrics.

What to Buy? Any mat with a good grip will do. Beachbody has a Yoga / Plyo mat that I would definitely look into.

#5. P90X Push Up Stands

Required? Push up stands are not required, and I do not use them while doing the P90X program.

Use? Push up stands are great for eliminating wrist pain / problems that you may otherwise experience without them. Push up stands also allow for further range of motion.

What to Buy? Any solid, sturdy push up stands will do. Avoid the rotating pushup stands here, as they have caused back problems for me in the past.