Can I Do P90X If I Can’t Do Pull Ups?

Hey Taylor. I just wanted to say that I appreciate everything that you are doing BUT I was wondering, I am a skinny guy trying to build muscle BUT I cant do a pull up. Can I still do the P90X program?

After doing some research, I noticed that many people actually had this question, so I wanted to go ahead and provide you with an answer today.

If you cannot do a pull up, you CAN still do the P90X program. Not being able to perform a regular pull up just means that you will have to perform modified pull ups until you become strong enough.

A modified pull up can be performed by using a chair to support yourself on your pull up, and even when you’re dropping back down from you pull up.

Aside from the chair modified pull up, you can also:

  • Use a pull down machine.
  • Have a partner lift you while you pull up.
  • Resistance bands.

A few notes about modified chair pull ups:

  • The further away your chair is, the more difficult the pull up will be.
  • You can choose to keep one foot or both feet on the chair. One foot makes the exercise more difficult, while having both feet on the chair makes the move more modified.
  • You can choose to only place your feet on the chair during the pull up, but as you’re dropping down, remove your feet.
  • You can choose to leave your feet on the chair during the entire pull up, even as you’re dropping down.

When I first started P90X

When I first started the P90X program, I was using the chair method like crazy. Even today, I still have to modify my pull ups during the second round of chest and back.

If you can’t do a pull up, using these modifications will allow you to complete the P90X program, while at the same time, becoming stronger until you’re eventually able to perform regular pull up.