Do I Need Yoga Blocks For P90X?

If you’re new to the P90X program, you have probably come to notice the Yoga X disc on day 4 of the first week of your workouts. There are a ton of questions you may have about Yoga X, but today, I want to answer the following question: “Do I need yoga blocks for P90X?

Yes. You do need Yoga blocks for P90X’s Yoga X workout.

You can get a good pair of Yoga Blocks on Amazon for a good low price. You don’t need anything fancy. Just pick out a pair with a good rating, and be sure they’re sold for a good, low price. Note that almost anything can work as yoga blocks. You can even use a small stool.

Why Do You Need Yoga Blocks?

You’re going to be bending and stretching in poses that you’ve never done let alone seen before. Some of these poses will require you to put your hand or hands on the floor. When you can’t reach the floor, which a lot of you probably won’t be able to do, the yoga blocks will allow you to use proper form and prevent you from getting injured while performing each pose.

My buddy, Brad had this to say about Yoga blocks: Helps with balance moves or additional stretching when doing Yoga.

Brad is a pretty simple dude. Hahaha.

Final Thoughts.

Coming from a P90X pro, you definitely do need Yoga blocks. That’s a plain and simple answer, folks.

If you don’t want to go out and buy Yoga blocks, you can always use a small stool or small bench. (Small is something that’s less than 12 inches in height.) If you do decide to go with a stool, small bench, or other item, be sure that it is balanced, and be sure that it’s something that will not cause you to become injured.

At the end of the day, I recommend getting a cheap, but highly rated pair of Yoga blocks on Amazon. I know that it may seem like a waste of money, but trust me when I say that it definitely is not.

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