Does P90X Work for Skinny Guys?

p90x3You want to know what really grinds my gears? I am getting so tired of people saying P90X doesn’t work for skinny guys, when it actually does. With P90X and P90X alone, I built 30 pounds of solid muscle mass. I went from a 6-Foot tall 135 pound boy, to a solid 165 pound man, and am still on my way to my 190 pound goal.

I’m not the only skinny guy to have success with P90X. In fact, there are tons of skinny guys who have managed to build awesome amounts of muscle mass with this at home fitness program.

Rumor: P90X is Only for “Fat” People.

One guy sent me the following message on Youtube last week:

What the f**k are you doing P90X for, homie? Aren’t you trying to gain weight? P90X is for fat people trying to lose weight, bro. You need to hit the gym if you’re going to get muscular. I ain’t trying to hate, brother. I’m just trying to help a brother out.

I sent this gentleman the following response:

What’s up, brother. Good lookin’ out, but I have actually managed to build 30 pounds of muscle with the P90X program. It’s a common misconception that the P90X program is a fat loss program.

A lot of people think that P90X is for overweight people because Beachbody has marketed the product in such a way to get you to believe that their product is only for overweight people.

When you first heard about the P90X program, you probably saw an infomercial for this program. In this infomercial, Beachbody showed off people who were heavy and out of shape, followed by the after images of what P90X did for these people.

Nowhere in the P90X infomercials do you see how dude’s went from skinny to brawny using the P90X program. This is strictly because Beachbody didn’t market the P90X program for skinny guys.

If you take a look into the diet guide, you will definitely notice that this guide is a weight loss guide. Again, Beachbody was not marketing P90X for skinny guys.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t build muscle with the P90X program.

How to Build Muscle with P90X

p90x3I built 30 pounds of solid muscle mass with the P90X program by making a few small adjustments that turned what was marketed as a weight loss program, into a skinny to brawny guy transformation program.

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