Download P90X For Free with P90X Torrent?

Important. A lot of you are looking to download the P90X program for free using torrent, Frostwire, Piratebay, or something of the sort.

With any “free” version of P90X, you’re going to run into a number of different problems:

1. You won’t get the complete program – One of my buddies tried downloading the P90X program through a number of different torrents. When he finally didn’t download a virus, he always only managed to get part of the P90X program. The diet guide, workout book, workout journal, and some of the workouts would always be missing.

2. You will probably get a virus – Trend Micro, McAfee, Avast, or whatever other virus program you use cannot catch everything. Remember, when you run a .Exe file, and give that file permission to run, you’re giving the virus permission to be activated, regardless of what your virus security program recommends.

3. You won’t do the workouts – When you get something for free, do you find yourself taking advantage of the free item? If I were to download a low quality resolution and incomplete P90X product, I would be less likely to complete the workouts because I didn’t invest anything upfront. When you put money into something, you will be more likely to use that product.

4. You won’t get the results you want – Doing the P90X workouts alone isn’t enough. So even if you’re lucky enough to obtain all of the DVD’s, you’re still missing out on the P90X workout book, workout journal, and diet guide. You must have each of these items, especially the diet guide, to succeed with the P90X program.

5. You’re stealing food from family tables – Anytime you illegally download a product, you’re stealing food directly from family tables. You’re illegally stealing food from Grandmas, Grandpas, Moms, Dads, Sons, Daughters, Cousins, Uncles…. [continued] Illegally downloading a copy of the P90X program is no different than walking into someone’s house and stealing their big screen TV. Stealing is stealing, and illegally downloading P90X is a federal crime.

6.  How would you feel if someone stole your product – If you worked full time for 6 months to a year to put out a product that people would really enjoy and get results with, how would you feel if someone ripped your product off using a torrent or peer to peer network?

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If You’re Going To Change Your Body, You Must Get The Real Deal.

I know the P90X program seems to be a little on the expensive end; But compared to a Gym Membership ($40+ Month) or a Personal Trainer ($50+ Hour) a one-time payment of $119.95 really isn’t that much.

So if you’re going to get the body you want, and completely change your life, you’re going to need to get the real deal.