Upper Eyelids Dry, Red, Itchy and Puffy: Solved!

My upper eyelids have been dry, red, itchy, and puffy; This winter has not started out very promising for my skin. A few weeks ago, I noticed that I was developing some sort of upper eyelid condition. My upper eyelid became dry, red, itchy, and puffy. Luckily, I have figured out a simple solution that […]

Netflix Sucks: There Are 1 Movies Being Watched Which is the Limit for Your Membership Error!

Hey Netflix, STOP hating on your loyal customers. I’m so sick of the bs, and I am this close to cancelling my account. Click Here to See What Others are Saying… Now that I have the immature frustration out of my system, let’s get down to business. Like yourself, Netflix has officially pissed me off. […]

Little Baby Spiders Dropping Down From Ceiling Light; Looks Like Mission Impossible 3.

Update: When I originally wrote this post, I thought the spiders were coming from the ceiling. It turns out they were coming from the small holes in my bedroom floor for the cable cord and Ethernet cord. Tape these holes up! I was sitting in my room hanging out playing some NCAA Football 2012. I […]

My Family Bird Passed Away This Morning 🙁

What’s up, you guys? It’s not even day 1… Well, it’s the morning of day 1 at 2:07 AM Pacific Time, and I just learned about 45 minutes ago that my family bird has passed away. I am extremely saddened by this. This isn’t meant to be a long blog post. I’ll speak more about this in […]