Netflix Sucks: There Are 1 Movies Being Watched Which is the Limit for Your Membership Error!

Hey Netflix, STOP hating on your loyal customers. I’m so sick of the bs, and I am this close to cancelling my account.

Now that I have the immature frustration out of my system, let’s get down to business. Like yourself, Netflix has officially pissed me off. They have officially crossed the line.

I’ve been a loyal customer with Netflix for more than a year now. I have never missed a payment, and I have never lost any DVDs.

In June, Netflix decided to separate the cost of their DVD and streaming service. Originally, it was $10.00 to bundle the two services together. Each service now costs $8.00, coming out to a 60% price increase.

Like many others, I decided to cancel one of my services; So I kept my Instant Streaming.

No big deal, right?

It’s now been 5 months, and Netflix has decided reduce the convenience of their services for a second time.

“There are 1 movies being watched, which is the limit for your membership. Please stop playing at least one movie and try again later. Visit for assistance.”

It’s funny, Netflix. I didn’t know Dog The Bounty Hunter, Spongebob, and Soul Eater were movies…

Speaking of convenience, I’m surprised we’re not charged with a convenience fee for each movie we stream. I bet that’s the next step…

Unlimited* Streaming for $8.00* a month.
*Limit 1 stream at a time.
*$1.00 convenience fee for movies.
*And for 25¢ more, we can add popcorn to your order.

Apparently, we can now have only 2 streams playing at once, as my brother could not access his TV show, while 2 other streams were running on my account; One in the living room, and the other in my bedroom.

A lot of you may come out and say, “Well, Netflix is just now implementing this rule, because they have pressure from the ‘industry,’ but you shouldn’t be mad. This rule has been a rule for a long time.”

Well, that’s all fine and dandy, aside from the fact that I am paying for unlimited streaming, and if you’re limited to having unlimited streaming on only 2 simultaneously playing devices, then you’re NOT really getting unlimited streaming. You’re getting limited streaming, or at the least, unlimited streaming*

What if you have kids, a big family, or multiple TV’s in your home? What? You have to buy a new Netflix membership for every 2 TV’s now?

Mom and Dad will tell their 3-year-old daughter, “Hey, daughter. You can’t watch Dora now unless you want to get your own Netflix account… Yeah, you gotta start pullin’ your own weight around here.”

Oh wait… You probably just want us to pay extra to have more than 1 stream running at once…

There’s a shocker.

By the way, I just wrote another post on how to clear Netflix recently watched history. Be sure to check it out, as I have also discussed the huge drop in the Netflix stock.