Club WPT Eligibility: Certain States Are Not Eligible…

A few months back, I wrote my review of Club WPT. To be honest, I currently do not have a membership with them. I wish I did. Unfortunately, when you’re paying for Netflix, Aweber, Hosgator, etc., expenses seem to add up pretty quickly. As soon as I have the money, I will be reopening my account.

Originally, I didn’t feel the need to write a post on Club WPT Eligibility. I felt that Club WPT did a great job at disclosing who is and is not eligible for payment.

So yesterday, I log into my Facebook to see the following comment trashing Club WPT:

Wpt is a scam they lead you to believe anyone can play and if they win any money they will get pd not true! They say that there are certain states that wpt does not pay to true they don’t tell you at first what states they are to get you to become a member for your $20 that is false advertisement for profit!

I wish a lawyer would read this and contact me about this and what can be done once again club wpt does not pay you if you win if you live in one of these states so before you become a member find out if your state is on the list don’t waste your money i did for 5 months i had to forfeit my winnings back to club wpt that is not fair!

By the way, this comment was previously written in ALL CAPS. I used Convert Case dot Net to convert all of the letters into lowercase, while correctly capitalizing the letters that needed to be capitalized. This is a pretty cool tool. 🙂 

After I saw this comment, I had to write a response:

I won $5.00 with Club WPT, as shown in the check above. I was paid on time, and the customer service was exceptional. I asked them when I would receive my payment and they responded promptly.

After performing a Google Search for “Club WPT Poker States” without quotes, the following page was listed at the top of the results:

Clearly stated, are the states that are eligible and ineligible for cashing in. The “Eligibility” page can also be reached via the horizontal drop down menu under the section, “About ClubWPT.” Club WPT didn’t put a small footnote in a contract; they made an entire page dedicated to discussing player’s eligibility to receive payments clearly, based on the states in which they reside.

I understand you’re upset, but they made the rules pretty clear, and they are not breaking any laws.

I’m going to be honest; it sucks that this person was unable to obtain her earnings. She probably worked long hours to win the earnings that she did.

Unfortunately, Club WPT simply cannot pay people in certain states, due to state law. Club WPT does a wonderful job of stating who is and who is not eligible. They didn’t create a little, hidden footnote in a contract. They made an entire page dedicated to showing potential members who is and who is not eligible for payment.