Body By Vi Scam: A Legit MLM Program, or All Hype?

All I knew was this: I could potentially win a free BMW.

Yesterday evening, I was invited to a party by a good friend of mine. After reading that I should be more open to new ideas and opportunities, I decided to attend the party.

Before you know it, I am watching a video about a new MLM company in town: Body By Vi.

Is Body By Vi a Scam, and why should you listen to me?

My Background in MLM.

I have been working online since January 3rd, 2008. I have bought into many hypes, get rich quick schemes… Etc. You name it, I have probably tried it.

Is Body by Vi Legit?

MLM is something that I became familiar with when I joined the Beachbody program a year ago. Like Body By Vi, Beachbody allows you to join their program for an initial start-up cost.

After the initial signup, you have to pay a monthly membership fee to host your free website on the company servers. You refer people to your website, and you will make money for each sale or signup that you receive. Some companies also provide customers with other bonuses such as product discounts, for example.

Without these services (website and product discounts), you’re essentially running into a pyramid scheme. Because these bonuses are offered, these companies are legitimate.

2 Poor Qualities of MLM companies.

I try to stay away from MLM companies unless I truly believe in the product(s) that I am promoting. I joined Beachbody because I am a product of the product. With P90X, I built 30 pounds of muscle. And for that, I don’t have any problem paying the $14.95 monthly membership fee.

In a lot of cases though, MLM companies are out to do 1 thing: Get rich off of your stupidity.

1. The price has to be right.

Beachbody is a multi-million dollar company. The start-up cost is about $40.00, and their monthly membership fee for your free website and 25% product discounts is only $15.00. Some MLM companies charge an arm and a leg just to open shop.

Why spend an arm and a leg to essentially join an affiliate program (where you make commission for promoting products), when there are a ton of free affiliate programs already available to you?

Free affiliate programs such as Amazon Affilaite, Commission Junction, Clickbank, Linkshare, to name a few off of the top of my head.

Of course, with these free programs, you’re stuck with creating your own website; Plus, you don’t get the added bonus of having a down-line (people below you on the pyramid that will help you make more money.) Still, you need to know that free affiliate programs do exist.

If the price is right, MLM marketing can provide you with a few added bonuses that free affiliate marketing programs cannot provide you with.

2. The market cannot be saturated.

In any market, I am a firm believer that there is always money to be made. But if the market is saturated, you may have a difficult time making cash.

Last year, the hype was those energy bracelets. Although you can still make a ton of money with these bracelets, the market has become extremely saturated. Who knows what the hype will be in years to come. 

Common sense.

Can You Make Money with Body By Vi?

Here is the verdict…

Although the Body By Vi presentations are hyped up, this is a legitimate company that is still in the early stages of development. The market for supplements is saturated, but because Body By Vi specializes in supplementation only, there is a ton of money to be made.

People like companies that specialize in a single niche; It increases credibility. 

1. You have to be outgoing.

Body By Vi is a popularity contest. If you are not a good salesman, don’t even think about joining this program. To make your millions any money with this company, and any other MLM company, you have to be outgoing. You have to be willing to talk to people you do not know, and you have to be willing to share your story with them.

2. You have to throw parties.

It takes years to develop online trust and credibility. You’re far better off selling to your friends, or even people you meet at the grocery store, for example.

To get people to join you in your journey to riches, you have to invite them to a get-together, and show them the Body By Vi presentation. Also, tell them what Body By Vi has done for you.

You may be familiar with Mary Kay or Arbonne parties. Body By Vi parties are essentially the same thing. The goal is to get prospects over to an environment where they’re comfortable, and show them what the product and company has done for you.

3. You have to be a product of the product.

Unless you’re a really amazing liar, people will be able to see straight through your b.s. My suggestion: Be honest. Get awesome results by actually using the product that you are going to promote. If Body By Vi truly works for you, you will be that much more comfortable promoting their product.

4. You have to be prepared for the roller coaster.

On average, how many millionaires make their millions off of 1 product or 1 idea? Although it’s definitely possible, you should diversify your portfolio and do other things to make money after you get your Body By Vi business rolling.

Why diversify?

What if something were to happen, and Body By Vi had to close their doors? What if they hiked up their prices, and you could no longer make sales? Although this probably isn’t likely, anything is possible. So understand that by working under a company you don’t own, you could potentially lose everything overnight.

Finally, commissions are usually not consistent. You may get 10 people to signup one month, and the next month, you may not get any. That’s just how things work in MLM.

5. You have to be willing to work.

Although the concept behind Body By Vi is simple enough, you have to understand that the money isn’t going to make itself. If you do steps 1 – 3, and you’re prepared for step 4, along with this step (step 5), then there is no doubt in my mind that you will make money promoting Body By Vi Products.

With this program, the amount of money you make is truly up to you, and how much effort you put into your business.

To Sum It All Up…

  • I have been in this game since 2008. I have a background in MLM, and I am familiar with how these companies work.
  • Body By Vi is a legitimate MLM company. Many people have had success with their supplements, and when you signup, you get a free website hosted by Body By Vi.
  • Before you join a MLM company, you should make sure the price is right, and that the market is not saturated.
  • Finally, you can make money with Body By Vi, but you should be outgoing, willing to throw parties, a product of the product, ready for the roller coaster, and willing to work.

Disclosure: I am not affilited with Body By Vi. Before signing up, be sure to look into their website for complete Terms and Conditions. I’m not 100% sure of some of the information on this page, so just be sure to check with your Body By Vi up-line coach.