Rock On Energy Shot Review

2 weeks back, I told you about Rock On Energy, which I am dubbing the Cheap 5 Hour Energy Alternative. It’s about 4:07 AM right now, and I just took a Rock On Energy Shot.

The flavor of choice today for me is Orange Octane. This stuff actually tastes great, and no offense to 5 Hour Energy, but it does taste better.

Being that it’s now about 4:09 in the morning, I figured that there wouldn’t be a more appropriate time to review the energy drink, so here we go…

Brief Overview.

  • Like 5 Hour Energy, Rock On Energy contains just about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.
  • Contains 5 calories.
  • No crash, due to drop in blood sugar.
  • No jitters.* Although there is an asterisk on the bottle, I haven’t noticed any jitters.
  • No carbs.
  • At Walgreens, you can pickup a 6-Pack of Rock On Energy for about $8.00.
  • I believe it’s $14.00 for a 6-Pack of 5 Hour Energy, so with Rock On, you’re definitely saving money.

Use and Effects.

  • It’s now 4:12 AM, and since I began writing this review when I took my Rock On Energy shot at about 4:07 AM, it’s officially been 5 minutes, and I am already feeling the effects — Awake and alert.
  • For maximum energy, the bottle instructions recommend taking the full 2oz shot, which I did just a few minutes ago.
  • If you’re new to Rock On Energy or caffeine, you’re likely going to feel a huge jolt of energy during the first few days of use. After awhile, this “jolt” will slow down to feeling alert and awake.
  • For those with anxiety problems… I don’t have anxiety, but when I first experimented with Rock On, I did experience a little bit of anxiety. Any product with caffeine has the potential to make you feel anxious, so just be forewarned.
  • The more you use caffeine, the more your body becomes used to the effects. In the future, you may require more caffeine to reach the same effects you received when you started using caffeine.
  • In any case, it’s not recommended that you take more than 1 Rock On Energy shot per day.
  • Finally, Rock On Energy is not a meal or sleep replacement supplement. To achieve even greater effects with this product, I recommend getting 8 hours of sleep, and eating a full meal.

Final Thoughts.

It is now 4:24 AM, and it’s been 17 minutes since I opened and drank my Rock On Energy Shot. For 4:00 in the morning, I am pretty feeling alert and awake, although I still need to eat breakfast.

From what I can tell, Rock On Energy provides me with a similar amount of energy to that of 5 Hour Energy for almost half the price. Unlike oversized energy drinks, you will get just enough energy to feel alert and awake without crashing later. I haven’t experienced a crash, anyway.

To end this review, Rock On Energy can provide you with a great boost to wake up in the morning, or wake you up when you’re feeling tired, for almost half of the price of 5 Hour Energy.

Although Rock On does work well, it does help to take this beverage with a meal, and get a full 8 hours of sleep on the previous night.

Rock On Energy can be purchased at Walgreens, or on their official website.