Craigslist Texting Scam: Do NOT Enter a Pin to Confirm You are Human

techIf you’re selling on Craigslist, you need to watch out for the latest and sneakiest texting scam. Even for me, this scam was extremely tricky to detect, because it seems legitimate, but in reality, you could end up with a big cellphone bill at the end of the month. Today, I am here to tell […]

Mouse Freezes When Typing: How to Turn Off Palm Check

tech1If you just purchased a newer laptop, you probably notice one of the new features; Your mouse will actually freeze up while you’re typing, and for about 2 seconds after you have finished typing. This feature is called Palm Check. Today, I want to tell you why this feature is here, and also, I will show you […]

Lenovo No SD Card Slot / Port

I just spent $600.00 on a Lenovo, Model #V570-1066AJU. This is a fantastic deal, guys. In fact, I just checked out Best Buy’s website, and they have already lowered the price on the laptop from $600.00 to $579.99. Go figure. With this baby, you get:  i5 Processor. 6GB of RAM. 750GB Hard drive. 15.6″ display. […]