Craigslist Texting Scam: Do NOT Enter a Pin to Confirm You are Human

If you’re selling on Craigslist, you need to watch out for the latest and sneakiest texting scam.

Even for me, this scam was extremely tricky to detect, because it seems legitimate, but in reality, you could end up with a big cellphone bill at the end of the month. Today, I am here to tell you how to avoid this scam.

What Happened?

Recently, my dad placed an item for sale on Craigslist. As many people will do, he also posted his phone number, as this would allow for a more convenient means of communication between himself and potential buyers.

A few hours after his listing was posted, my dad received a text from a potential buyer. The buyer said that he was interested in the item.

My dad then sent a text message back to the potential buyer, and instantly, he received the following response from an alternative phone number:

4 digit PIN sent. Text the 4 digit Pin to 713-489-5833 to confirm you are a human. Or do not want to process? Text STOP [your Pin] to 713-489-5833 to cancel your Pin.

Long story short, whoever is on the other end of the number: 713-489-5833 is attempting to get you to enter a pin, likely giving them permission to charge your cellphone bill for some kind of service.

What to Lookout For.

If you receive a message telling you to enter your pin, enter a number, or do anything out of the ordinary, do NOT do it. Contact your cellphone company right away, and report the number in question.

Already Scammed?

If you have already been scammed, you need to contact your cellphone company immediately. Feel free to send them a link to this article, and explain to them exactly what has happened.

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To Sum It All Up.

  • There is currently a texting scam on Craigslist.
  • Those who post their number on Craigslist are at risk.
  • To avoid being scammed, never send a pin number, or perform any unnecessary requests as requested by the scammer posing as a buyer.
  • Be sure to recommend this post on Facebook or send a mass email to your family or friends so they don’t get scammed.